Your dog ate poison, learn how to proceed

Your dog ate poison, learn how to proceed!

Your dog ate poison, learn how to proceed

Last time we presented an article on “My dog   ate plastic/tin objects/stones”, that is, physical materials.

But, today we are going to present an article dedicated to liquid objects, namely the most poisonous.

Learn all the steps to help your dog live healthier and recover from poisoning.


Any substance that can cause problems to your dog's system is considered a poison and can cause poisoning.

The most common signs are pain from the abdominal area, weakness, restlessness, convulsions, loss of consciousness, diarrhea, slow or too fast breathing, excessive salivation, and a change in body temperature.

Poisoning can lead to the death of a dog in the worst case.

First aid for a poisoned dog
When your dog ingests poison, the first action is to induce vomiting and remain calm.

Help your best friend to position himself in the best way, to think clearly, and to avoid stress.

To make him vomit, you must wet your finger with water (little) and rub it on the back of the dog's tongue.

Do this process several times for 15 minutes, but never try this method on a dog that weighs less than 5 kg.

If your dog does not vomit, then he may not be suffering from poisoning or be poisoned with inspiration from petroleum-based products or swallowed a cleaning liquid.

In that case, the vomit would only burn the digestive tract again, so don't try this method.

Call your vet immediately and tell them it is urgent, and also call a poison helpline.

Point out all your veterinarian's phone numbers and opening hours and helplines next to the phone and on your refrigerator to never forget.

Tell them exactly what the dog swallowed (try to have the package close to you), the moment when you think it ate, and its quantity.

Also, list your abnormal signs and their duration.

When you are getting ready to visit your vet, then be sure to take a small sample of the poison and make sure your best friend is not going to hurt yourself or yourself.

If he is having an attack, call the vet to your home.

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